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UPDATED 8/23/06!

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Our Retail Sales Approach is 30 years behind the times! And OUR customers love it!


Ed's Boxcar sells model trains and equipment.  Ed has over 30 years of experience with model railroading and provides personal service for his customers to help them achieve their modeling goals. 

  Our contact info is: 
  Ed's Boxcar
  128 Whitetail Rd
  Seale, Alabama 36875
  Toll Free Order "only" line
  1 888 855 9067
  FAX and info line
  1 334 855 2084
  Please call to
  place your orders!





ED's is the only Walthers Partner On-Line Dealer For Alabama!! 

Use the link below to order directly from ED'S through Walthers


Online ordering

Did you know that at ED's, you can have your favorite picture printed on a TEE-Shirt / Sweatshirt or Hat?  Check back soon for more details.

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