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Eds Boxcar
News and Events

We have purchased a large selection of N gauge loco's and cars. All new in boxes. Many have not been available for years. The list is way to big to put here. Atlas, Microtrains,Concor and more. Stop by to see what we have.


New Haven Genesis Unit Thanks Conn DOT! Ed's can do one in HO for you. Call for pricing and availability. MINIMUM 2 week lead time. Click picture to go to for a pic of the real one.


Look whats coming from Life Like
The BL2 is in HO and N

LifeLike Alco S1

LifeLike BL2


Union Station

Golden Valley Station

Look what's coming!

Doodlebug/Gas electric

Doodle Bug

Doodle Bug

Doodle bug

Ed's "T"s Sweats and Hats will soon be available on the "NET". The link is below. Check back soon to see the full selection.